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"A completely different Mozart set the tone of the concert conducted by the Israeli guest Yuval Zaliouk, with the overture to ‘The Abduction from the Seraglio’ bursting with life and effervescent in movement. An excellent conductor who, throughout the concert, thrilled the audience with his precision and his clear and clean attacks. There was a detour into the music of a contemporary Israeli composer Boris Pigovat, whose short poem "Nigun" makes voluptuous allusions to traditional Israeli music. For the finale, the conductor, remarkably well understood and followed by the musicians of the Orchestre Regional, gave us a sumptuous gift: Beethoven’s 4th symphony, nourished with precision, exemplary loyalty and admirably "organized." It was absolute classicism, free from vain adornments. The music progressed from one section to another and from instrumentation to another with intense energy. Astonishing. A great success."
~ Aurore Busser

"The chemistry between music and music makers is not an altogether fathomable one, but it does not take long nor even a trained ear to perceive when this chemistry works. And most definitely it worked Friday night at the Masonic Auditorium where the Toledo Symphony Orchestra came fully alive under the baton of guest conductor Yuval Zaliouk. "To be sure, while it was mighty cold outside the music of Schubert, Mendelssohn, and Brahms can always be counted on to deliver both warmth and even heat — if their music is realized artistically rather than mechanically. In the past few years, too many concerts have suffered from just such a mechanical reproduction of notes. "But Friday night the orchestra returned to making music. Thus was revealed the potential of the orchestra reawakened — after all it contains some superb musicians — but also what a knowing and most musical conductor — I am tempted to simply say, the right conductor — can do and in very short order. I have no idea how it is done, except to report that the orchestra never sounded better, more confident, more mature, more balanced in some three years. "...A true conductor shows his mettle best when called on to accompany such a reading. Not only did Mr. Zaliouk offer a beautifully balanced accompaniment, but he kept the music's transparency without ever letting the orchestral playing lose substance. It called for flexibility and a high degree of empathy. The result was a superb collaboration. "...The important thing is that he has immense and telling experience already, including working with Otto Klemperer. He knows how to make music, there is little doubt about that, and he does it with a rare elan, enthusiasm, conviction, and style. ..."
by Boris Nelson, The Toledo Blade (Toledo, Ohio USA)

"Maestro Yuval Zaliouk, who ends his tenure as music director/conductor of the Toledo Symphony at the end of this season, has been awarded the title of conductor laureate by the Toledo Symphony Board of Trustees. "In bestowing this honor, the Toledo Symphony joins other orchestras in recognizing a music director's contributions to the advancement of music in his community. ..."
The Toledo Blade (Toledo, Ohio USA)

"Yuval Zaliouk emerged as a conductor specializing in the music of Malcolm Williamson, our new Master of the Queen's Music. The programme last night was quite varied and included a piece by Williamson, his Epitaphs for Edith Sitwell, some of his most compelling and pugnacious music, powerfully performed. Schumann and Shastokovich were also represented, but what chiefly impressed me was Mr. Zaliouk's distinctive, yet perfectly sound approach to Beethoven and Schubert, music which is the London Mozart Player's daily bread but which they played with real freshness. ..."
The Times (London)

"In addition to his considerable technique and complete mastery of the score, the young Israeli conductor has a gift for transmitting his delight with the music and with a composer's unique sense of humor."
The Daily Telegraph

"This is a most impressive debut on record. Plainly the pointing of the rhythms comes fundamentally from him, and I can conceive nothing less like the alleged characteristics of the 'whizz-kid' virtuoso conductor than this delightfully relaxed and smiling performance. For the first time I felt that the jaunty Forlane had something of English pastoral in it — perhaps no coincidence, as Zaliouk is reputed to be a great enthusiast for British music."
The Gramophone

"There was a surprise to the concert, and a delightful one at that. It was the conducting of Yuval Zaliouk. He was always in thorough command of the orchestra and has the knack of making old and familiar works seem new and fresh. "Last Sunday's version was a shade more dramatic: Zaliouk's somewhat more lyrical. Both versions were equally valid. But Zaliouk's taut management continues to be astonishing, especially since the orchestra had played so sloppily just the night before."
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan USA)

"Somewhere in our cultural history classical music acquired a reputation for stuffiness, with musicians being clad in formal attire now rarely used in other social situations and listeners sitting in their seats wearing frozen countenances and stifling coughs except when unfamiliar music is being played. "... However, two recent musical events in Toledo were welcome changes from the stiffness and formality often associated with classical-music performances. "One was the concert by violinist Itzhak Perlman," ... "The other event was an appearance by the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. "... Maestro Yuval Zaliouk, while not exactly a Victor Borge in his sallies at humor, nevertheless entertained a house full of young and old listeners with a "pops" assortment. He interspersed the numbers with musical quizzes directed at the youngsters, invitations to young people to come up on stage, and short commentaries on the pieces about to be played. ..."
Pages of Opinion, The Toledo Blade (Toledo, Ohio USA)

"Yuval Zaliouk unfolded the enormous span of the opening largo with such skill that the tension never sagged over its 20-minute duration."
David Blount, Express & Echo

"The first thing I said when I got here," says Toledo Symphony Music Director Yuval Zaliouk, "is that we must bring the orchestra to the people, rather than bring the people to the orchestra." In keeping with the music director's populist ideals and the orchestra's stated mission to perform music for as broad a range of the community as possible, the TSO has launched an innovative Neighborhood Concerts series, bringing symphonic music to historic churches through the city and offering programs designed to appeal to various ethnic groups in the community. "... Response from the general public was enthusiastic and news of the concert spread throughout the city. Potential sponsors for the following season rapidly turned into contracted engagements, and the series was born. ..."
Symphony Magazine

"... It was gratifying to see Carn Brea so well filled for what might appear to be a less popular programme. With the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in such splendid form under their guest conductor Yuval Zaliouk, making his first appearance with BSO, one has every confidence in enjoying a first-class performance whatever the programme."
West Briton & Royal Cornwall Gazette

"It must be said at the outset that last night's performance was one of the best I have ever heard from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. "Conducted by Yuval Zaliouk, the first concert of the winter series was also a time for contemplation, opening as it did with Elgar's Nimrod Variation played in poignant tribute to the ten Royal Marines bandsmen who died in the Deal bombing. ..."
Elsie Pope, Evening Herald

"This evening belongs to Yuval Zaliouk and his firm leadership of The Haifa Symphony. Together they produced a lot of good music. ..."
Ron Levi, Haifa Kolbo

"This concert was a successful combination of an unpretentious programme, an energetic and experienced conductor and a pleasant soloist, all producing a well coordinated performance. One could really feel an emotional readiness on the part of the members of the orchestra, a feeling that was conveyed to the audience as well. ..."
Itzhak Barzam, Ha'Aretz

"... Last night, under the galvanizing leadership of guest conductor Yuval Zaliouk, the orchestra sounded in fine health. Indeed, the ensemble played with a zest and tonal luster that surpassed anything I have ever heard from it. "The qualities that distinguished Zaliouk's conducting were apparent in the opening selection, Beethoven's "Leonore Overture No. 3." He has a very keen ear and the ability to deploy subtle shades of volume. Soft dynamics were ravishingly pure and clear, tutti fortissimos blazed with controlled power. "... It has been noted often that the North Carolina Symphony concerts draw poor crowds in Greensboro. If Maestro Zaliouk were on the podium on a regular basis, I predict this situation soon would change."
Bill Trotter, Greensboro Record (Greensboro, North Carolina USA)

"If dynamic Yuval Zaliouk didn't impress Friday night in his guest conducting role with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra he never will. He did everything right. He punctuated, he shaped and colored, his house in perfect order. His conducting style is flawless, and this was an excellent program for a conductor in line for the music director's position. It demanded every refinement, every kind of expression, and nuance. And he provided it all."
Clayton Lee, The Edmonton Journal

"If the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra is looking for a music director with style, energy, and the ability to persuade the players to play as well as they can, it need look no further than Yuval Zaliouk. ... In brief, Zaliouk had the ESO creating music, not just playing the notes. The orchestra has seldom sounded better. ... Zaliouk's conducting style is technically clear and entertaining to watch. ... Zaliouk is so good that there are grounds for puzzlement about why he would want to settle in Edmonton. But if Friday's performance is a true indication of the ESO's possiblities, we may have a better orchestra than we ever thought we had."
Gary Norris, The Edmonton Sunday Sun

"A program in the classical tradition received an enthusiastic response in Memorial Auditorium Saturday night when visiting Israeli conductor Yuval Zaliouk and the N.C. Symphony performed music by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Sibelius. "... A man of medium physical stature, Zaliouk projects an interesting combination of precision, sensitivity, and complete control of the orchestra. "... Zaliouk managed to underscore the deep-seated romanticism that pervades Sibelius in the orchestra's heart-pounding conclusion to the second movement..." "... The high point of the evening, however, came with the delightful rendition of Mendelssohn's "Italian Symphony, No. 4." The conductor seemed totally at home with the delicacy, lyricism, and wicked tempos of this melodic composition, and the string section soared through its highly spirited first movement with an enchanting verve under his baton. ..."
Jo Ann Pizer, The News and Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina USA)

"Although still a young man, Mr. Zaliouk's interpretations showed the fruits of deep and intense thought, enormously developed musicianship and insight, and complete control of the orchestra. "Although he and the orchestra were new to each other, it was immediately obvious that they were in complete sympathy, with the result that we had really first class playing throughout the whole concert. ..."
Dr. W. Lovelock, The Courier-Mail (Australia)

"A number of adjectives come to mind to describe last night's orchestral concert — the fifth in the Red Series. Exciting is one; or masterly; or passionate; or even, inspired. All have a claim to acceptance, but the most descriptive, I believe, is passionate. "All stem from the one main source — the dynamic work of visiting conductor Yuval Zaliouk. "He is a man of superb musical understanding, never in less than complete control of the orchestra, directing all with a clean, incisive beat and indubitably inspiring the Queensland Symphony Orchestra to give its, what must be said of last night's performance, magnificent best. ..."
Frederic Rogers, The Sunday Mail

"Glanvoller Aufjakt des Dormangener Kulturlebens im neuen Jahr war das Sinfoniekonzert der Philharmonia Hungarica unter dem unerhört begabten Gast-Dirigenten Yuval Zaliouk. Der erstaunlich junge Israeli ist ebenso wie der Solo-Cellist Raphael Sommer gegenwärtig in London ansässig. Mit Werken von Haydn und Dvorak, vor allem aber mit dem einmalig virtuosen Konzert fur Orchester des Ungarn Béla Bartók führte er das Orchester zu bisher nicht gehörten Leistungen, die das Publikum immer wieder zu Beifallsstürmen hinrissen."
Begeisternder Pultvirtuose - Düsseldorfer Nachrichten